Nowhere to Run

A U.S. Marshal Jack Monroe Novel

FBI Special Agent Victoria Davenport's husband is brutally murdered by his business partner, Curtis Basilevsky. Soon, she and her son become Basilevsky's next targets.

After a failed assassination attempt, Victoria and Brandon are placed into witness protection. For the last seven years, they've been living a quiet life in a small town...until the killer somehow finds them.

U.S. Marshal Jack Monroe doesn't like to be forced into anything. Being the best in his field gives him an edge, but even he has to follow orders. When the Marshals learn that the Davenports have gone missing, Jack is tasked with finding them and relocating them safely before Basilevsky finishes what he started

seven years ago.


Will Jack Monroe find the Davenports in time? Will Victoria be able to stay several steps ahead of Basilevsky? Or is there truly...NOWHERE TO RUN?

© 2020 by Steven Pajak. 

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